CMR Surgical's Versius Achieves Surgical Milestone

March 31, 2023

CMR Surgical's Versius Reaches Over 10,000 Surgeries Milestone
CMR Surgical's Versius® Surgical Robotic System has set a new standard in the field of robotic surgery, successfully completing over 10,000 surgeries across a diverse range of procedures. Versius has been utilized in over 130 types of complex and benign surgeries, spanning seven surgical specialties, including general surgery, thoracics, and colorectal surgery. This achievement highlights Versius’ adaptability and efficiency, making it a pivotal tool in various surgical departments.

The system's design and functionality have been key to its success. Versius' small, modular form factor allows it to fit into almost any operating room, facilitating minimal access surgery worldwide. Its ergonomic design and 3D HD vision enhance surgical precision and ease, promoting better clinical outcomes. Supratim Bose, CEO of CMR Surgical, emphasizes their mission to make robotic surgery accessible, with Versius playing a crucial role in this endeavor.

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