VERSIUS SurgicalRobotic System

VERSIUS Surgical Robotic System

What isVersius?

Versius® is the only small and modular surgical robot powered by a digitally native ecosystem.

This surgical robot has been specifically designed to meet the needs of patients, surgeons and the surgical team. By providing minimal access surgery with enhanced accuracy and control for complex procedures, Versius helps surgeons and surgical teams to deliver high-quality surgical care.

Next generation minimal access surgery

As a surgeon recently commented, Versius has created 21st century laparoscopy. It gives you the freedom of port placements, but with the benefits of fully wristed instruments, 3D HD vision, natural instrument control and a choice of ergonomic working positions that has the potential to reduce stress and fatigue. In short, it offers surgeons the best of both worlds.

Created for today’s operating environment

Forget what you know about robotics up until now. Versius is different. Versius is both portable and transportable. Its modular design allows individual arms to be moved effortlessly around the operating room, between suites and even between floors of your hospital, to maximise efficiency within the OR suite.

With a uniquely small footprint of just 38cm x 38cm, Versius fits comfortably around the operating table, giving surgical teams access to the patient at all times.


Cost can be a barrier to people getting the best type of surgery. CMR Surgical believes that robotics should be affordable to all who need it. Versius is designed to be just that.

Versius is quick to set up and take down, conserving valuable OR time. Because it mimics the dexterity and range of movement in the surgeon’s own hand and wrist, it’s flexible enough to handle a vast range of laparoscopic procedures. All this, coupled with the system’s portability, means hospitals can improve utilisation and patient throughput.

Innovating for the Future: The Versius Story in Surgical Robotics.

To create the next generation of surgical robotics we started with a blank piece of paper and ended up with Versius.

From the very start, the design has been guided by the needs of patients, surgeons and surgical teams. Versius was designed to fit easily into existing surgical workflows, while the console design allows surgeons to work in a way that has the potential to reduce physical and mental effort. Versius transforms the way we think about surgery.

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